DBK Knife Giveaway Winner!

This is just a quick post to thanks the boys over at Dutch Bushcraft Knives
for these three amazing knives I won in a giveaway back in December. They are:

The PMP Arctos. Designed by Markus Reichart, it features a 7” 440C blade with canvas Micarta handles. Limited edition, 1 of only 200!

The Fällkniven F1x. A classic Swedish blade; minimalist in style, it’s made of Fällkniven’s proprietary laminate cobalt special steel and wears their standard Thermorun scales.

The Marttiini Villisika (Wild Boar). This Finnish knife is absolutely gorgeous. The blade is made of stainless X46Cr13 and sports a birch handle with a super cool bronze cast boar on the hilt.

Unfortunately, some military responsibilities got in the way and I haven’t been able to post until now. Maartin and Mikkie run an awesome channel and I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for the last two years. If you ever wanted to know more about different types of knives, steels, grinds, techniques and more you definitely need to check them out. They do monthly giveaways on Patreon too! You can find them on Youtube and Instagram.

Thanks again guys and I’ll be posting more pics in the days to come!

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