About Our Team

Jake Wilamowski

GS3 Creator, Contributor

Jake is a Marine Corps Infantry veteran, founding member of GS3, and current 2nd Lieutenant with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Previously published in Military Times’ Gear Scout blog and RECOIL Concealment, Jake is passionate about the outdoors, EDC, and collecting curio and relic firearms.

Interests include:

  • Tactical Firearms and Gear
  • Curio and Relic Firearms
  • Camping, Hiking, and Other Outdoors Activities
  • Preparedness
  • Tactical Fitness
  • Military Surplus Gear
  • Cigars

A message from Jake: My goal is to make GS3 a timeless, trusted resource where people can come to get the straight dope on gear before spending their hard earned money. I look around the industry and see a lot of bullshit; reviews and influencers tainted by sponsors, ad revenue, and their own self interest. I want to provide real value to the community, and I’m going to do it by being forthright with my readership and hard on the products I review. Thanks for checking out my page and I hope to hear from you in the comments! Cheers!