11 Killer Christmas Gift Ideas For 2020

Forget socks, underwear, and ties; here at GS3 we’ve got you covered with a list that will guarantee a knockout reaction on Christmas morning.

The Kershaw TX-Tool is a high quality, multifunctional magnetic bit driver that’s fantastic for EDC or go-bags. The price point ($8.13 currently on Amazon) means you can buy one for each of your extended family members without breaking the bank.

The Kershaw TX-Tool is a perfect EDC bit driver.

Look at this beautiful mini flashlight, the Streamlight MicroStream. Coming in at $16.99, these things are so small and handy, you could have one in every room of your house. The perfect gift for literally anyone. Dad will like it more than another pair of socks, that’s for sure.

Do you have a family member that likes cool stuff and also lives in a location that experiences frequent power outages? Well they’re in luck this Christmas, because you’re going to get them the Streamlight Siege Compact Lantern. This bad boy is lightweight, portable, runs on AAs, and has three settings up to 200 lumens. It’s also got a red lens mode for extra tacti-coolness. If you like to accessorize, pick up the magnetic base for an extra $10. Currently $30.22 on Amazon.

Now this is the only product on this list that I don’t own, but it’s on MY list (babe, if you’re listening), the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs. I originally heard about these from Karl over at InRangeTV. These things boast a 21db drop in noise levels, they’re hypoallergenic, and come in multiple shell sizes to fit every size from hobbit to caveman ears. Listen, don’t be like me and wear crappy earpro (thanks 3M!), then wonder why I have hearing damage years later. Check these out. $35.88 on Amazon.

Next up is the Case Medium Stockman, and let me tell ya, this ain’t your daddy’s pocket knife… because your granddaddy is still using it. That’s right, this thing is as old school and classic as they come. I was gifted one years ago and I can’t imagine going without it. And while this is definitely a knife that will be passed down from generation to generation, someone’s gotta buy it first. That’s where you come in. You can find them on Amazon for $55.99.

I couldn’t make this list without plugging the OKC RAT3. I love this knife and I think everybody should own one. I carried it in Afghanistan and still use it to this day. Pound for pound it’s one of the best fixed blade knives on the market. Find it on Amazon for $56.71. And if that’s not enough, you could really blow your man’s Christmas slippers off by adding the überleben Kräftig ferro rod for a mere $22 more.

They say every man’s house is his castle, and I’ll tell you no one wants to be walking around their castle with bare, cold, naked feet. Enter the Ugg Men’s Ascot. I started my journey for the perfect moccasin that’s made in the US. Well, these aren’t made in the US… They’re made in heaven. Seriously, do you want your significant other to feel like they’re floating around the house on tufts of cumulus? If so, get these bad boys. $110 on Amazon.

Now we all know wool is the superior fabric. And we know it will keep you warm even when wet because wool has the natural super power of being moisture wicking. But why don’t you own more wool? Because most wool is itchy, and it’s a tragic story because this turns people off of the best fabric in the world. Enter the Duluth Shetland Wool Windproof Zip Sweater. This thing is incredible not only because it is 100% wool, but it’s got a blended polyester and spandex liner, so no itchiness against your skin. It is my go-to for wearing around the house, and I’m actually wearing it as I write this. For $149.50 (often on sale) at Duluth Trading, you won’t regret it.

Garmin Fenix 5, Case Medium Stockman, and Streamlight MicroStream

Do you have an outdoor enthusiast or fitness lover in your house? Sure, they may already have a smartwatch for tracking their fitness activities, but I doubt it gives them the capabilities offered by Garmin. I own the Garmin Fenix 5. It offers integrated heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, smart device notifications, calorie tracking. Speed, steps and distance tracking can also be linked to google maps and accessed on your smartphone. It’s a true game changer that facilitates data driven analysis of athletic performance. I found mine at Bike Closet for $249.

Are you looking to be a hero this Christmas? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Anyone who’s spent time on their feet in the military knows a good pair of boots are worth their weight in gold. Well, you can give your loved ones the absolute best boots available on the market today, the Lowa Z-8S GTX. I’ve owned all kinds of boots (Danners, Bates, Belleville’s and 5.11s), and I can unequivocally say that Lowa sits on a level all its own. They feature a Gore-Tex inner liner, slip and heat resistant sole, and have the added benefit of being AR670-1 compliant. These are actually in current use with elements of the British and Australian militaries. But best of all, they’re both extremely durable and lightweight. I’ll put it this way, if you could have a pair of hardcore military boots that feel like the Ugg slippers mentioned above, these would be it. Really, they’re that good. You can find them on Lowa’s website for $340.

Lowa Z-8S and a find single barrel Scotch

And finally, if you have a loved one that’s hard to buy gifts for. I suggest going with an old standby, the gift that’s perfect for any occasion: a nice bottle of scotch whisky. I can’t recommend Balvenie Doublewood enough. And while I’m no whisky expert, I can tell you this stuff is better than good. Find it at Total Wine for $62.

Full Disclosure: Lowa provided a pair of Z8S GTX boots at no cost to GS3 for review. All other items mentioned on this list were purchased with personal funds, and all items mentioned were discussed without regard for any outside influence.

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